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Texas WBE – HUB – Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

Cage Code: 9MFS1


DUNS CODE: 116588029

Texas HUB VID: 1825463771500


Codes Description Codes Description
518210 Computing Infrastructure Providers, Data Processing, Web Hosting, and Related Services 517112 Wireless Telecommunications Carriers (except Satellite)
541500 Computer Systems Design and Related Services 517122 Agents for Wireless Telecommunications Services
423430 Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers 444140 Hardware Retailers
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services (Primary NAICS) 423710 Hardware Merchant Wholesalers
91596 Web Page Design, Management and Maintenance Services 54199 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
519290 Web Search Portals and All Other Information Services 541430 Graphic Design Services
517111 Wired Telecommunications Carriers 54143 Graphic Design Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services 561431 Private Mail Centers
517810 All Other Telecommunications 541860 Direct Mail Advertising
517121 Telecommunications Resellers 513210 Software Publishers
517911 Telecommunications Resellers 54192 Photographic Services
561421 Telephone Answering Services 5418 Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services
561422 Telemarketing Bureaus and Other Contact Centers 541512 Computer Systems Design Services
91520 Call Center Services 88332 Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Systems
20954 Internet, Web Site and Mobile Application Software, Mainframes and Servers 92045 Software Maintenance and Support Services

Product & Service Code Selected

Table with Two Color Tones
Codes PSC
5810 Communications Security Equipment and Components
6130 Converters, Electrical, Nonrotating
U012 Education/Training- Information Technology/Telecommunications Training
U012 Education/training- Information Technology/telecommunications Training
5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, Boards, Cards, and Associated Hardware
5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies
5960 Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware
5963 Electronic Modules
H270 Equipment and Materials Testing- Adp Equipment/software/supplies/support Equipment
H253 Equipment and Materials Testing- Hardware and Abrasives
5340 Hardware, Commercial
5965 Headsets, Handsets, Microphones and Speakers
H370 Inspection- Adp Equipment/software/supplies/support Equipment
H353 Inspection- Hardware and Abrasives
N059 Installation Of Equipment- Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components
N053 Installation Of Equipment- Hardware and Abrasives
DA10 IT and Telecom – Business Application/application Development Software as a Service
DA01 IT and Telecom – Business Application/application Development Support Services (labor)
DB10 IT and Telecom – Compute as a Service: Mainframe/servers
DB02 IT and Telecom – Compute Support Services, Non-hpc (labor)
DC10 IT and Telecom – Data Center as a Service
DC01 IT and Telecom – Data Center Support Services (labor)
DE10 IT and Telecom – End User as a Service: Help Desk; Tier 1-2, Workspace, Print, Productivity Tools
DE01 IT and Telecom – End User: Help Desk; Tier1-2, Workspace, Print, Productivity Tools (labor)
DB01 IT and Telecom – High Performance Computing (hpc) Support Services (labor)
DF10 IT and Telecom – IT Management as a Service
DF01 IT and Telecom – IT Management Support Services (labor)
DE11 IT and Telecom – Mobile Device as a Service
DE02 IT and Telecom – Mobile Device Support Services (labor)
DG11 IT and Telecom – Network – Telecom Access Services
DG10 IT and Telecom – Network as a Service
DG01 IT and Telecom – Network Support Services (labor)
DG11 IT And Telecom – Network: Satellite Communications and Telecom Access Services
DH10 IT and Telecom – Platform as a Service: Database, Mainframe, Middleware
DH01 IT and Telecom – Platform Support Services: Database, Mainframe, Middleware (labor)
DJ10 IT and Telecom – Security and Compliance as a Service
DJ01 IT and Telecom – Security and Compliance Support Services (labor)
DD01 IT and Telecom – Service Delivery Support Services: Itsm, Operations Center, Project/pm (labor)
DK10 IT and Telecom – Storage as a Service
DK01 IT and Telecom – Storage Support Services (labor)
7.00E+20 IT And Telecom- End User: Help Desk; Tier 1-2, Workspace, Print, Output, Productivity Tools
DG10 IT And Telecom- Network as A Service
DD01 IT And Telecom-Service Delivery Support Services: ITSM, Operations Centre, Project/Pm
W053 Lease Or Rental Of Equipment- Hardware and Abrasives
J053 Maint/repair/rebuild Of Equipment- Hardware and Abrasives
2040 Marine Hardware and Hull Items
K070 Modification Of Equipment- Adp Equipment/software/supplies/support Equipment
K053 Modification Of Equipment- Hardware and Abrasive
5980 Optoelectronic Devices and Associated Hardware
H953 Other Qc/test/inspect- Hardware and Abrasives
H153 Quality Control- Hardware and Abrasives
5961 Semiconductor Devices and Associated Hardware
R604 Support- Administrative: Mailing/distribution
R426 Support- Professional: Communications
R429 Support- Professional: Emergency Response, Disaster Planning, and Preparedness Support
R410 Support- Professional: Program Evaluation/Review/Development
L070 Technical Representative- Adp Equipment/software/supplies/support Equipment
L053 Technical Representative- Hardware and Abrasives
5805 Telephone and Telegraph Equipment
5140 Tool and Hardware Boxes
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